About Convergence

In December of 2022 the Oklahoma City Innovation District, alongside several public officials, broke ground on a new project that is set to change the way we think about collaboration. Convergence, a mixed-use development project, is spearheaded by Richard Tanenbaum, CEO of Gardner Tanenbaum Holdings, and Mark Befort, CEO of Robison Park Investments.  

Convergence is set to become the epicenter of OKCID with the development encompassing a range of exciting features. 

Convergence emphasizes collaboration between the public and private sectors to build a foundation of inclusivity, diversity, growth, and opportunities for all Oklahomans. One of Convergence’s key objectives is to create a pedestrian-friendly environment that fosters connectivity between Oklahoma’s two largest universities, a crucial element for the success of OKCID.   

One standout component of Convergence is “The HIVE,” a dynamic co-working space designed to catalyze innovation in technology. The HIVE offers direct access to capital, valuable educational resources, mentorship programs, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. It serves as a hub for active learning and the exchange of ideas, welcoming projects of all sizes and ambitions. 

Currently under construction, Convergence is set to open its doors in 2025. This development promises to be a driving force behind Oklahoma City’s economic advancement, offering a unique blend of opportunities and amenities that will energize OKCID’s innovation ecosystem.