Innovation Districts and Placemaking

As the public conversation about innovation districts and placemaking continues in Oklahoma City, we’ll fill you in on terms you might hear so you can understand and join the discussion. Here are three for starters:

Placemaking: Placemaking is defined as a multifaceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Community-based participation is at its center, and it capitalizes on a local community’s assets, inspiration and potential to create quality public spaces. It began using that idea that we should be designing cities for people and not just cars or shopping centers.

Collisions: The places where people naturally collide with each other and connect. Spaces that encourage collisions, whether it’s a park or a coffee shop or a pub, can lead to people sharing of ideas across disciplines, areas of interest and industries. In turn, these connections, even if they aren’t evident at first, can spark partnerships that lead to additional innovation and entrepreneurship.

Green spaces: An urban park might be an example of this – areas of trees and grass carved out in the midst of an asphalt landscape. Green spaces might make room for joggers or encourage public gatherings outside. According to the Project for Public Spaces, which is working with Oklahoma City on the innovation district, the local community has to determine the design for green spaces according to its culture and interests.